Beating Strict Timeframes to Deliver at Turkish Power Plant (Case Study)

The new Kirikkale Independent Power Plant (KIPP) was designed to deliver 7,557GWh of electricity per year to Turkey’s National Interconnected System. So a swift construction and smooth running of the plant was essential, and our customer had a very strict deadline with serious penalty clauses for late delivery.
The project involved pipe freeze protection of complex water and steam feed pipes for the plant’s turbines, as well as process temperature maintenance for the dedicated water treatment plant.
During the construction phase some delays in the installation of vital pipelines and instruments meant that nVent and Gizil Enerji teams were under severe time pressure to complete the heat tracing erection works.

Strategies for Developing and Implementation of Automatic Motor Starting Schemes

Automatic motor restarting is one of the strategies used in Oil and Gas facilities to minimize production losses after the occurrence of certain power supply disturbances with the purpose of maintaining the industrial process running. Aim of this paper will be to review the strategies for the developing of an Automatic Motor Restarting Scheme, electrical studies required and the different trends for their physical implementation. Case studies with real case applications and lesson learned will be shown.

Design Criterias for Power Supply to the New Refinery

In this study, electrical system design criteria for intelligent electrical network operating system of the new refinery which is registered as one of the top three European refiners in terms of conversion rate, is evaluated under the engineering point of view.

Steps for Industrial Plant Electrical System Design

The main objective of this study is to determine the design steps of an industrial plant electrical system in the light of energy availability, continuity, safety and economic equipment selection. This study is not only dealing with design steps, but also analyzing alternative solutions with their positive and negative impacts. Steps to be given in the following paragraphs will reduce possible system design delaying, equipment selection and quotation.

Endüstriyel Tesislerde Elektrik Tesisat Ekipmanlarının Montajlarının Kalite Kontrolü

Şirketimizin Elektrik Grup Yöneticisi sayın Dr. Selahattin Küçük tarafından hazırlanan bu çalışmada elektrikli tesisat elemanlarının montaj kalitesinin kontrolü için çok uzun yıllar endüstriyel bir tesiste yapılan uygulamalar verilmektedir.

Intelligent Electrical Load Shedding in Heavily Loaded Industrial Establishments with a Case Study

The aim of this paper is to discuss the electrical load shedding process of a refinery, which is a heavily loaded industrial establishment, in detail.

Electrical Heat Tracing: Tracing olarak Buhar Yerine Elektrik Kullanmanın Avantajları

Şirketimizden Ali Utku Çan'ın Tüpraş İzmit Rafinerisi'nden sayın Dr. Selahattin Küçük ile ortak hazırladığı ve ETMD Dergisi 69. sayısında yayınlanan "Endüstriyel Tesislerde Tracing olarak Buhar Yerine Elektrik Kullanmanın Avantajları" konulu teknik makale.

Enerji IQ Dergisi Gizil Enerji Röportajı

Haftalık elektrik ve doğalgaz haberleri, fiyatlar ve analizlerin yer aldığı Enerji IQ'nun 222. sayısında çıkan röportajımıza ulaşmak için lütfen tıklayınız...